It is an important part of your health care routine. Mouth is supposed to be ‘mirror of all diseases’, because majority of them begin the signs and symptoms from mouth. It is mandatory to get the oral cavity checked every after 3-6 months. Any diseases, oral/ general systemic that are initiating in the body, the symptoms and signs can be traced inside the mouth and treated before they step into the worse situations.

Patient Education

If you go to the dentist with your dental problem, its your right to know everything about your dental status. Your dentist will examine your teeth and advice you required treatment. He/she will discuss all the different treatment modalities and educate you about the procedures that are required for you.

Dentist in Kandivali

Prevention is better than cure, we all know that but still sometimes the diseases start and still if we do not take immediate action which can produce serious problems. Example; dental caries (tooth decay), is one of the most common dental diseases, which can worsen the condition if not treated in initial stages. It starts eating up the tooth structure, the toughest part of our body, i.e. enamel, and traverses its journey to the more sensitive inner layers, dentin and lastly lands up in pulp, with the great sense of pain & discomfort experienced by the person.
Dental pain is called, ‘UNWANTED GUEST AT DINNER TABLE’, and it is true because you cannot eat or do regular work having dental pain. The treatment for initial decay is just a small filling but deep caries requires ROOT CANAL TREATMENT. More critically, this dental decay spreads very fast and other teeth in the adjacent areas also get infected.
Moreover, the state of your mouth can signify underlying health issues also including heart disease, diabetes, viral infections, lowered immunity conditions etc. At your dental exam, your dentist can let you know if they see any oral issues that may proclaim more serious problems.

What Happens at a Dental Check up?

Dentist in Kandivali

SYMPTOMS ARE SENSED BY PATIENTS, SIGNS ARE PRESENT IN THE BODY’, it is a common finding, the signs are present in the body but the person does not sense any symptoms. Mostly symptoms are seen only when the condition is more advanced. But as you know that advanced diseases require more extensive treatments. Thus if you go for a dental consultation without having any symptoms, the doctor will examine your oral cavity and scrutinize the teeth, gums and surrounding areas properly. If any inflammatory conditions on gums, he/ she can warn you about your gum health and can start with some treatment that can prevent the disease further. Or if some initial decay seen on teeth, you can simply get the fillings done. If there is no decay but possibility is seen, the doctor may advice you to go for PIT & FSSURE SEALANT treatment that can prevent the decay.
Dental X-rays (intraoral radiographs) are required to confirm the inside spread and situation of the disease. It helps in planning your treatment accordingly. If required the doctor may suggest you to get CBCT done to examine the condition more closely that dictates the management.
If you have any specific problems such as bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, or cavities (decay), you will be directed the treatment accordingly.
In advanced conditions of dental pain and discomfort, the doctor may also check your lymph nodes located below the jawline because the infection gets referred and the lymph nodes get affected and become tender. Sometimes in situations like highly inflamed and /or ulcerative conditions, there can be a possibility of cancerous lesion (tumor) which requires instant management protocol.

Dental Intraoral X- rays & CBCT

At Smile craft Dentofacial Rehab Centre (SDFRC), you will get the facility of instant radiograph visualization through RVG (Radio visiography). The doctors at SDFRC will explain you your X-ray (Radiograph) and the dental status as seen in it. Dental X-rays use very little radiation, and we take all the precautions to ensure that your body is protected from the radiation. At SCDFC we use lead aprons and thyroid collar for your safety.
If the problem is more advanced your doctor may advice you to go for Full mouth X- ray, OPG ( Ortho pantomogram) or CBCT (Cone beam computed tomography). OPG & CBCT reveal the problem more clearly which can help in treatment planning.
SDFRC has a high class management and services provided by the most knowledgeable and expertise panel of doctors. We are equipped with advanced machines, like RVG, portable X- ray units, laser technology etc. with these tools, we can offer the best diagnosis, treatment solutions, that can be best suitable for you. Our best services allow us to offer the best environment for dental care and the best outcomes for treatment. Be assured for getting special attention at every visit for all our patients’ needs.