It is a commonly seen scenario that all the teeth get resorbed at a time and the distance between upper and lower jaws look shortened. Why so?? The reason for this is generalized attrition / wearing off of all the teeth due to grinding of natural tooth structure. The worn out teeth lose their occlusion (the position of teeth coming in contact during chewing) and thus lose their efficiency to chew the food. Also the worn out teeth lead to the sensitivity as the wearing reaches the sensitive parts of tooth i.e. dentine and pulp. The facial height of the face also gets changed and thus makes you look different and old.

Dentist in Kandivali

Dentist in Kandivali

There are multiple reasons for the wear off of natural dentition such as; Bruxism, teeth clenching even during sleep, stress, anxiety, bittle nut and pan chewing, digestive problems with acid reflux, consumption of more acidic food/fruits other systemic problems.

Full mouth rehabilitation has to be done in such cases where all the teeth are treated at once by a definitive restoration. The definitive restoration can be metal, metal ceramic or all metal depending on your esthetic and functional demands and affordability of the expenses involved in the whole procedure.

Restoration of occlusion in patients with severely worn dentition is a challenging situation as every case is unique in itself. There are various ways and techniques to treat the situation .

The objective of full mouth rehabilitation is not only the reconstruction and restoration of the worn out dentition, but also maintenance of healthy stomatognathic system. Full mouth rehabilitation should re-establish a state of functional as well as biological efficiency where teeth and their periodontal structures, the muscles of mastication, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) mechanisms all function together synchronously. FMR is a multifactorial and variable treatment therapy and requires lots of skill and substantial knowledge.

Before your dentist starts your treatment, a careful assessment of the your diet, eating habits and/or gastric disorders, will be mandatorily done followed by the appropriate treatment planning.