Orthodontic treatment is the treatment which is advisable in abnormally aligned teeth and jaws. Nearly 30% of the population has malocclusions severe enough to benefit from orthodontic treatment. Treatment can take several months to a few years, it involves the use of dental braces and other appliances to move the teeth and bring them in right position. If the malocclusion is very severe, jaw surgery may be done called orthognathic surgery, where the temporomandibular joint is made to change its position and thus retrude the mandible, i. e. lower jaw. Treatment is usually started before a person reaches adulthood since the teeth can more easily be moved around in children. The treatment is mostly started only after eruption of the main anterior (front) tooth of the arch i. e. canine in all the four quadrants. The teeth that are malaligned are straightened and brought to the proper alignment to perfect the occlusion as well as the smile. At SCDFC the orthodontic specialists do the needful to bring the teeth back to the position.

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Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces are commonly used for teeth straightening. Metal braces consist of metal brackets fastened to your teeth and connected by wires. After the orthodontist puts the braces on the teeth you have to visit him periodically to have them tightened. This is the mechanism that moves your teeth into the right place.

In most cases, the orthodontist also puts orthodontic rubber bands on your braces, and those help with the process. These rubber bands pull the teeth and keep them in place. Braces can be metal or ceramic brackets that are connected to each tooth through a wire thus tying all the teeth together.

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Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are tooth coloured braces that are given to avoid direct visibility of braces because they are less noticeable as matches the tooth colour. Ceramic braces have earned a huge popularity among the youngsters and are preferred over the traditional braces.

Lingualized braces

These braces also are in demand as they are not visible as they are placed on the tongue side of teeth. Lingual means related/ next to the tongue.


It is a clear alternative for image conscious population who would never opt for the visible wires and braces. Invisalign was presented in the late 1990s by Align Technology Inc, and because of its excellent innovative comfort and a much less complex way to deal with made it a popular way to correct the malaligned teeth.

These aligners are made of medical grade biocompatible plastics, that are approved for human use in the oral cavity. Using the latest CAD CAM technology the trays are molded and carved with laser precision. The technology uses computer assisted 3D virtual models to correct the malocclusions. A series of aligners is usd to achieve the desired results. These aligners move the teeth gradually into their desired new position. Each aligner is programmed to move a tooth or a small group of teeth 0.25 to 0.33 mm every few days.

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