Partially edentulous persons who have a few teeth remaining in their mouth, and do not want to opt other expensive fixed treatment modalities such as implants, are the right candidates for this type of treatment.

Removable partial denture replaces the missing teeth & adjoining tissues with prosthesis designed to be removed by the patient. It has several components that are attached to each other making a framework that is cast in metal. The acrylic denture base is fixed to this cast metal and thus it is called a ‘cast metal prosthesis’. The components take support from the available natural teeth and thus supporting and stabilizing the prosthesis well in its place.

Till the time the cast partial denture that is the definitive prosthesis is ready your dentist will give you an acrylic removable denture which can serve you function and aesthetics temporarily.

Dentist in Kandivali

Cast partial denture

Dentist in Kandivali

Temporary removable partial denture

Cu Sil denture

It is a type of denture which is given if you have 2-3 healthy teeth and you do not want to take them out, a special denture is made for you called Cu-sil.

Cu-Sil is the simplest, gentlest removable partial available. It is an acrylic, tissue bearing appliance encircles and surrounds the remaining natural teeth like a gasket which clasps the neck of each natural tooth, sealing out food and fluids, and cushioning and splinting each natural tooth from the hard-acrylic denture base.