Smile designing is the procedure that reshapes the existing dentition and offers you a confident smile that can also add to your personality altogether. Many people have good dentition but they are not happy with it due to certain reasons, and they want to change it to make it more presentable. Looking good and having good personality is one thing but looking good and having a pleasant smile and presentable personality is another thing that makes many of them to go for a smile change treatments.

It is a cosmetic treatment to improve your appearance through your smile using various techniques such as dental laminates, veneers, partial crowns, full crowns using different tooth colored materials such as ceramics and composites by direct or indirect techniques. Composites are the materials that are tooth colored that harden with ultra violet light and are used to restore the lost structure of the tooth or to change the shape, size and color of the tooth. Many people have good dentition but they are not happy with the position and the way they are aligned in the arch. Smile change therapy is one such treatment modality other than orthodontic treatment which changes the tooth position and fit it into the dentition in proper alignment. Tooth proportion and smile line are two important factors that need to be taken care of at the time of smile designing. These factors eventually guide the smile in order to make your smile look flawless, the orthodontist or cosmetic surgeon would examine if your teeth are in correct proportion, or the imaginary smile line following the edges of your upper lips is in proportion with the curve of your lower lips.

Orthodontic treatment is the only treatment modality to treat the extensively malaligned situations but in milder situations, cosmetic recontouring using direct composite materials or in situations that require little more extensive treatment, ceramics can do the great job.

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Who need the smile designing ?

People suffering from dental problems like

  • Tooth decay,
  • Discoloured teeth,
  • Dxtrinsic or intrinsic stains,
  • Fractured teeth,
  • Spacing between teeth
  • Crowding and malaligned teeth
  • Abnormal shape and size of teeth

Smile designing treatment provides you with a confident smile; Fuller lips, smile and cheeks- the treatment not only gives you beautiful smile, but also makes your lips and cheek look full and provides you a typical perfect ‘makeover look’.